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Monechma divaricatum (Nees) C.B.Clarke

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Monechma divaricatum

Image 1
Leaves and flower
01 Mar 2011

Monechma divaricatum

Image 2
Leaves and flower
01 Mar 2011

Monechma divaricatum

Image 3
Leaves and flower
01 Mar 2011

Monechma divaricatum

Image 4
10 Apr 2009

Family: Acanthaceae
Full name: Monechma divaricatum (Nees) C.B.Clarke
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Wildelusern, Wilde luserntongetjies, Maklikbreek
English common name(s): Wild lucerne, Branched monechma
Synonym(s): Adhatoda divaricata Nees
Adhatoda orchioides (L.f.) Nees var. angustifolia Nees fide Fl. Cap. V (1), 73 // DC Prod. XI, 393
Justicia mossamedea S.Moore
Justicia namaensis Schinz fide Fl. S. Africa 30(3:1): 55
Justicia nepeta S.Moore
Monechma angustissimum S.Moore
Monechma eremum S.Moore fide Fl. S. Africa 30(3:1): 55
Monechma fimbriatum C.B.Clarke
Monechma floridum C.B.Clarke
Monechma namaense (Schinz) C.B.Clarke fide Fl. S. Africa 30(3:1): 55
Monechma nepeta (S.Moore) C.B.Clarke
Monechma nepetoides C.B.Clarke
Monechma terminale S.Moore
Status: Native
Description: Flowers solitary, axillary, calyx lobes 4, corolla small, ±5 mm in diameter, upper lobe very small white, three bottom lobes purple, centre white with tiny black lines.

An undershrub, attaining 2 ft. in height (at least); branches terete, not striate, minutely hairy, many internodes 1–2.5 in. long; leaves 0.5– 0.666 by 0.125– 0.167 in., linear-obovate, pubescent, long-tapering to the base, tip obtuse, recurved, with a minute mucro; flowers scattered, axillary, few, mostly towards the ends of the branches; bracteoles 2, 0.25 in. long, linear; calyx 0.25 in. long, deeply 4-fid; lobes linear, glandular-pubescent, very white on the margins; corolla 0.5 in. long, rose-coloured (Bolus); one anther-cell much lower than the other, tailed; pollen ellipsoid with 2 stopples and 2 rows of small tubercles on either side of each stopple; ovary glabrous; style thinly hairy; capsule nearly 0.5 in. long, 2-seeded; seeds smooth, blotched. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora Capensis)

Long- or short-lived perennial shrub or suffrutex, semiprostrate to more or less erect, up to 1 m high. Branches often at a wide angle to main stem, hairy and/or glandular. Leaves pseudopetiolate, variously hairy to subglabrous, linear-oblanceolate, elliptic-oblong, obovate or obtriangular, apex acute, obtuse or emarginate, young leaves often folded, with recurved apices, base cuneate or gradually tapering, midrib prominent, at least on lower surface, texture soft and thin; pseudopetiole up to 15 mm long. Flowers solitary, more or less subsessile. Bracteoles ciliate, hairy or glandular-hairy, ± 6 mm long. Calyx lobes 4, variously hairy, 4-6 mm long, lengthening in fruit, with median green stripe and whitish margins. Corolla 10-13 mm long, purple, mauve or white, often bicoloured, with dark veining on lower lip. Capsule 6-8 mm long. Seeds round, plump, flattened on one side, 2-3 mm in diameter, pale to dark brown with darker blotches. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora of Southern Africa)
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